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The atmosphere at work is a key determinant in the productivity and efficiency of employees. Employee morale is one of the keys to business success.  It is hence important to establish a good synergy among employees, creating a win-win situation, nowadays the term "Team Building" is recurrent and almost a must to foster good working conditions. This concept, is becoming increasingly popular in many organizations, large or small, the aim is to devise fun activities to create links between the participants and to combine pleasure with professional learning. The activities generally fall into two main categories, the first one is Event,...
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All customers, weather it is B2C or B2B, like to buy from a service provider who are considered honest and have integrity. In fact, it is almost text book, to say this is the best way for any organization to achieve long-term success.So the rule is; if your conduct is exemplary, either with your family, in your community or at work, the more people will trust you. It is your level of honesty and integrity that earns you respect, so in business; the same principle that help build are reputation with your customers and with anyone. Let us explore this a...
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In a context of weakening of the state and its resources , companies today often appear as the supporting institutions of public good and public interest , especially when it comes to multinational companies. These solicitations to involve the company in the provision of public goods is often accompanied by a certain mistrust .It is at the confluence of this double movement, which often causes the issue of conflicted values ​​held by businesses, and more widely that of ethics. Ethical theories often considered to be a strong ambition, nearly impossible, characterised by a constant need to be satisfied. These theories are...
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Online Directory Online directory is our core service. We have several packages which are very affordable to every business, with simple payment systems, discounts, increased number of features, mobile apps, payment gateways, privilege business relationships with our partners. We aim to make MYP the LEADER in business directory listings in the Indian Ocean. We will constantly update the features and try as much as possible to improve the quality of our services. Whether you are a Small, Medium or Large companies, we have different plans which have been specially designed, namely the Premium, Premium +, Classic and Classic +. Banner Advertisement...
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Why Blog?  Why you ought to utilize blogging as an advertising strategy? 1) It directs people to your site. Presently consider the ways individuals discover your site: They could sort your name right into their search engine, who already are aware of your business. They know who you are, you're on their radar, and that doesn't help you get more movement on top of what you're as of now getting. You could pay for activity by purchasing an email list (don't you set out!), impacting them, and trusting some individuals open and navigate on the messages. However, that is costly and,...
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